About Barwick Media+Sport

Barwick Media and Sport is a “network and knowledge” business offering unique introductions, opportunities and solutions to companies and individuals across the breadth of the broadcasting spectrum and sporting world.

Barwick Media

Barwick Media & Sport benefits from an unrivalled range of contacts across the world, and is led by a highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic team. At Barwick Media & Sport, we aim to create a strong and privileged bond with our clients. We offer the highest level of professionalism, commitment and drive, in a friendly and collaborative working atmosphere. Our client’s success is our success. We are committed to helping our clients reach their goals and beyond.

We provide a wide range of solutions from strategic advice, business development to creative ideas. Our clients are amongst the leading entitles in their fields and include:

    • The Football Industry
    • Major Law Firms
    • Higher Education Establishments
    • Sports Management Companies
    • Broadcasting/Production Companies

Meet The Team

Brian Barwick

The company’s principal, Brian Barwick, has worked in influential positions across broadcasting and sport, and as the Chief Executive at the Football Association. Clients will benefit from the extensive contact base that he has built up and they will also benefit from his unrivalled experience and enthusiasm for each individual project, both in the UK and abroad. There is only a short list of people who have dealt with sport and media in such a comprehensive fashion and at such a distinguished level – and Brian is one of those people. Brian and his team have a continued desire to achieve success for the companies they represent and for Barwick Media and Sport.

About BrianAbout BrianAbout Brian

Accessing some of the industry leaders in sport and media is something that Barwick Media and Sport can do where others cannot.

I am delighted to have the opportunity to help both existing professional friends and colleagues – and new ones. I have spent over 30 years at the top of two external facing industries – broadcasting and sport – and they continue to grow and grow. One of our particular strengths, lies in our ability to get the right message to the right person into the right room, and also to use our experience to guide the business and development strategy of our clients. AND… I like to have a bit of fun doing it! - Brian Barwick

Gerry Barwick

Team PlaceholderAfter studying graphic design and advertising at Berkshire College Of Art & Design, Gerry joined the BBC as a Film Editor, working on a broad range of programmes from sport, current affairs, to live television broadcasts. Leaving work for a few years to concentrate on childcare, she launched back into the workforce creating her own business Gebe Kitchen Design working from home. Three years ago she and her husband Brian joined forces to launch Barwick Media & Sport, with Gerry concentrating on all aspects of new media, marketing and the business side of the operation. The rest as they say is history!

Adib Khelef


Adib joined Barwick Media and Sport as partner in May 2011 after completing an MBA in Football Industries at the University of Liverpool.

Adib also completed a BA (Hons) in Business Economics at the university of Leicester in 2003 and an Msc in International Finance form SKEMA Business School in Sophia Antipolis (France). Following that, Adib joined General Electric in their elite training program – The Financial Management Program (FMP) – which he completed in March 2009.

During his time at the university of Liverpool, Adib developed a key set of skills and knowledge of the football industries and was a free lance writer for The Guardian.

Adib brings in a solid international profile to the company having lived in 7 different countries across 3 continents, where he developed a strong international network of contacts.