Barwick Services

Barwick Media & Sport is available for consultation on any issues relating to the broadcasting and sports industries. Our services include; business development, strategic planning, creative consultation, talent development and networking opportunities. We are willing to work with individual companies on executive mentoring, development and corporate speaking.

Barwick Media & Sport guarantees an experienced and enthusiastic approach to any project we involve ourselves in.


Clients can benefit from our very high profile network, and we can get your message across to key stakeholders in the business.

TV+Media Rights Brokerage

Clients can benefit from our extensive and first hand experience in the sale and acquisition of media rights. Whether you are selling or acquiring sport media rights, we can provide strategic advice and work hand in hand from the negotiation stages to the closing of the deal.

Business Development+Strategy

We can advise clients on their overall company strategy and development. Our aim is to help you achieve your goals, either organically or through strategic Mergers & Acquistions and partnerships.

Creative Consultations

We provide a wide range of creative solutions for media and sport organisations with regard to TV broadcast and production.

Company Speaking

Brian Barwick, managing director of Barwick Media & Sport, is an experienced and entertaining public speaker on a wide range of issues across sport and media.

Design, strategy and administration of sports/media related courses

At Barwick Media and Sport, we believe in the power of education through sport and sport through education. We work closely with higher education institutions and different sports bodies in order to help them associate the very powerful mediums that are sport and education to deliver the next generations of top class sports industry executives and leaders.